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psychology of tech

Calm Technology

Minimalism — An undervalued development skill

How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind — from a Magician and Google Design Ethicist


hacker laws

Avoid Working Alone – Letters To A New Developer

Things end users care about but programmers don’t - Instadeq Blog

Pete Shirley’s Graphics Blog: How to succeed as a poor programmer

Rules of thumb for a 1x developer - The Other Mickey Wiki

The mythical 10x programmer by antirez

Julio Biason .Net 4.1 - Things I Learnt The Hard Way (in 30 Years of Software Development)

The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming

Lessons Learned in Software Development

I could do that in a weekend!

How to write the perfect pull request - The GitHub Blog

What every computer science major should know


On Games

Video Games are the Future of Education


Summary of Technical Writing One - Google Developers

Summary of Technical Writing Two - Google Developers



Founder to CEO: How to build a great company from the ground up - Hacker News

JetBrains: $270M revenue, 405K paying users, $0 raised - Hacker News

How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users - Issue 25 - Lenny’s Newsletter

#2 How VC works - A Beginner’s Guide - Simplanations

A Few Rules

Start with a Website, Not a Mobile App - Hacker News

Startup Playbook - Hacker News


Running Legacy Code - Matthias Endler

Being a Professional Programmer - Matthias Endler

Making Myself Obsolete - Matthias Endler

Maybe You Don’t Need Kubernetes - Matthias Endler

Hacker Folklore - Matthias Endler


The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code – Joel on Software

Software development 450 words per minute – Vincit

How to Build Good Software

API Practices If You Hate Your Customers - ACM Queue

Why are we so bad at software engineering? - www.bitlog.com

Akin’s Laws of Spacecraft Design

Design Driven Development — Using Design as a Tool for Teamwork

Things You Should Never Do, Part I – Joel on Software

Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?

What Does a Coder Do If They Can’t Type? - Objective Funk

Web Design - The First 100 Years


The Hacker Classics

How SEO Ruined the Internet — Superhighway 98

The Observer Effect – Marc Andreessen

All the best engineering advice I stole from non-technical people

A new kind of map: it’s about time - Points of interest

Programming Language Checklist

The Twelve-Factor App

Browser Extensions - Mozilla - MDN

The end of the Redis adventure

Software Engineering Within SpaceX - Yasoob Khalid

Is a trillion-dollar worth of programming lying on the ground

Dan McKinley :: Choose Boring Technology

metaESC – Aceso Under Glass

Researchers and Founders - Sam Altman



CNN Explainer

Computers - Timeline of Computer History - Computer History Museum

A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day at Slack

Web Monetization · A JavaScript browser API which allows the creation of a payment stream from the user agent to the website


Articles — Brandur Leach

Future with Elon

Why HN was down - Hacker News

Prosecutor as bully - Hacker News

94-year-old Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces Solid State Battery - Hacker News

How to do hard things - Hacker News

Breaking down Amazon’s mega dropdown - Hacker News

I Quit: What really goes on at Apple - Hacker News

9th Circuit holds that scraping a public website does not violate the CFAA [pdf] - Hacker News

Quick tip for developers who use OS X - Hacker News

Data Structures & Algorithms I Actually Used Working at Tech Companies - The Pragmatic Engineer

One of the Brains Behind Tesla May Have a New Way to Make Electric Cars Cheaper - WSJ

Tweet Photo got acquired - Marc Köhlbrugge

What Silicon Valley Doesn’t Understand About Agriculture – Thinking Agriculture

On Coding, Ego and Attention

Readings in Database Systems, 5th Edition

The Google ‘vs’ Trick - Applied Data Science - Medium