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Dude, you broke the future! - Charlie’s Diary

90% of the future is already here, 9% are not here but predictable by extrapolating trends, 1% are unknown unknowns

History tends to repeat itself as soon as the lessons of events slip from the living memory.

Companies are AIs, humans are their replacable cells. Like paperclip maximizers, they work to maximize revenue disregarding the cost on society, human happiness, and environment

The Essence of Information - Matthias Endler

What we do is information science, to find a general way to solve a whole class of problems. This is why we love programming and algorithms. Organizing information is so satisfying and computers just happen to be a useful tool for the end goal.

The Polymath Playbook

Generalist vs specialist, hedhehog vs fox

DRMacIver’s Notebook: The social obligation to be bad at things

As if the social norms are designed to prevent from trying

Telling you are good is arrogance, telling you are bad is weakness, trying something new embarrassing

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI): Causes, Prevention, and More

Be mindful of it, take care, and exercise

History of the Internet - Wikipedia

1965 to 1995, 30 years, full of good ideas, collaboration, competition

Web by Google (TM)

Google has monopolized the web

healthOS - Divinations

Apple Health is going to be a single source of health data

Earning $800 / Month With Spotify — Steve Benjamins

Playlists are like backlinks and editorial playlists are the most authoritative