Cognitive Biases

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We jump to conclusions.

We fear what we don’t understand

so we simplify, generalize, and make up a story.

noise -> signal -> story -> decision

Environment matters.

We tend to do what is quick, easy, comfortable.

Rather than doing what is important.

Emotions make decisions. Reason comes later and justifies.

Mistakes of others are easier to notice.

Also, they did it since they are bad,

but you did it because of the circumstances.

Isn’t it?

We exaggerate the future.

A possible bad event seems way darker,

and a good one seems way brighter than it will be.

In reality, we will neither be as happy or as miserable as we think.

Do you think you know what others feel or think? You don’t.

Familiar is better? Not always.

We believe we are better than we actually are.

This feeling gets stronger as a person gets more incompetent and ignorant.

Attention is selective. People see what they want to see.

We find evidence for what we want to believe.

Fear of losing is stronger than the hope of winning.

The human brain loves to save energy.

First information gets anchored into the mind.

It is easier to remember the end of something

February 16, 2020