A free mind, a loving heart

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A free mind is its own master,

It has conquered its dark side,

a loving heart is warm like sunshine,

Cool as a fresh wind, 

Feeling the moment, 

Grateful for everything, 

Feels and accepts all emotions,

Balanced like a mountain, 

This is a matter of choice,

Anyone can choose to walk this path, 

The path to freedom and peace of mind 

By working to be a bit better everyday 

As Marcus Aurelius said,

Think of yourself as dead.

Now take what’s left,

and live it properly.


You will feel anger, it’s natural 

Yet do not let anger become your master,

Words cannot harm the free mind 

Stupidity, insults, and threats ricochet,

Because what hurts you is not the things,

It is your opinion about them, 

Anger will come in waves,

The first wave is your chance, 

The mind either masters it,

or validates and inflames it, 

You can choose not to be carried away,

If you stop it early,

it’s much harder later

So many things to be angry at, 

Do they worth your peace of mind,

Let them go,

When you have to defend yourself, 

The calm one fights better 

Greed, anxiety, and fear

Avoid pain yet doesn’t fear it, 

Appreciate pleasure yet doesn’t chase it,

Wealth and power,

fame and fortune,

They come and go,

They are not yours,

They are just around you, 

Doesn’t chase, doesn’t crave 

When you stop craving, 

You will be free from suffering, 

If you gain something, 

You will not be anxious to keep it,

You will not be devastated when you lose it, 

You will be free from fear and anxiety, 


Let go of the past and the future 

Appreciate the moment,

Cast aside regret and fear,

Do the deed at hand,

To the best of your ability 


I am just another animal,

with a brief life,

full of shortcomings, 

Living on a piece of dust,

In an infinitely big universe,

Thinking about my place in the universe,

Frees me from pride


A free mind is cheerful, 

Who can be happier?

Even in sickness, prison, and death 

It is free from negativity, gloom, and despair 


A free mind doesn’t try to prove anything, 

It is far from lies and shows,

Its integrity worths the world 

Follow nature and reason 

Think critically,

Follow science,

Question assumptions,

Look freshly,

Rise above the situation

Examine life,

As Socrates said,

Unexamined life is not worth living. 

Think for yourself,

Think freely,

Get rid of dogmas, bigotry, fanaticism

Don’t leap to conclusions, 

Let go of comparison and judging

Stop exaggeration

Do not magnify pain,

It is neither unbearable,

Nor unending 

Conquer your biases,

one by one

Praise and criticism

They are just opinions

Let them go


Appreciate all you have and you had, 

your body and mind, 

the people you love,

Appreciate the moment


Moderation is key for health,

and long-term happiness.

golden mean, 

humble and confident, 

thinking and feeling, 

calm and active


View yourself from outside. 

Pay attention,

Being mindful naturally leads to kindness and empathy.

Words are irreversible,

Think twice before you speak

Be careful with promises


Watch out what you put in your body,

Keep your health,

Your body and mind 


Life is not short,

but we waste most of it. 

Gain good habits

Think long term,



Forgive yourself,

Forgive others 

Learn and move on 

Be kind to yourself,

If you won’t,

Who will?

Express yourself. 

Do not suppress your emotions, 

do not carry emotional baggage. 

Speak, write, create. 

Know your limits

Accept what is in your control,

And don’t worry for the rest 


Do not judge, 

just listen, 



Emotions are contagious 

Put sunshine, 

get sunshine, 

Pick your battles

The poorest way is arguing, 

kindly assert yourself, 

defuse fighters by refusing to fight 

slow to anger, 

quick to calm

Life is grey,

Judge less, 

accept more,

Let go of saying “I know”

Say “It seems”,

it appears, 


Live simply 

Remove all nonessentials,

talk less, 

do less, 

think less, 


One bit better

Do what is right, 

Neither easy nor popular,

you don’t have to be perfect,

good enough is good 

Get one bit better,

Keep walking